Shortcodes categorys

We provide you quite a nice list of shortcodes. Pick your category from the list bellow:

Typography and Icons

TouchM is using Google fonts as main font provider. We implemented Font Awesome v2.0 as well to have quite a big range of icons.


Out of the box classes for the buttons in TouchM include size, type (color) and style (square, slightly rounded, and completely rounded).

List styles

We've created a number of list for you to enjoy or modify as you wish. You can use Font Awesome v2.0 to build your own personal list.

Toogle and Tabs

Toogle and Tabs provide a very nice way to organize and construct your content.


We've created a number of additional elements for fast use. (labels, panels, alerts, tooltips)


There are navigation options for a number of situations, and everything is designed to work cross-device.


A combination of form styles and the Foundation grid means you can do basically anything.


Embeding videos from your YouTube, Vimeo, or another site that uses iframe it's never been easier.

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